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Does your boat charter have a floating-party dock... NO??? Say what???

When it comes to boat charters in Fort Lauderdale, there are a LOT of options, that’s for sure. There are the mega-expensive yachts. If you can afford it, go ahead and live your best life. Then there are your pleasure cruisers. Less expensive, yes, but still pricey. Then there are your pontoon boat rentals like Lauderdale Adventures Boat Rentals. Affordable, spacious and very accommodating, but that’s not what sets us apart.

Our pontoon boat is equipped with a floating party dock. This extends the room for fun and ads an entirely new dimension to your boat charter. The dock gives you the perfect platform for all kinds of activities. Looking to catch some south-Florida sun… perfect! How about having a picnic with the family on the water… great! Want to chill with friends and have a few cold ones… done! How about putting the kids on it while having adult time on the boat… I hear you!

When we are at the Fort Lauderdale Sandbar, we get curious looks from the other boaters because they have never seen one. We also get envious looks from our competition, because they don’t have one. It’s not like we have an exclusive on floating docks. We just ahead of the curve on this one. We just wanted something extra to set our boat excursions apart. Oh yeah, did I mention that there is no extra charge for this?

The dock is just one example of the extras that we include at no extra charge. We also include a licensed Captain, coolers, ice, and water. Combine the floating party dock with all these extras, and our boat charters are looking pretty sweet….. right? It’s all designed to make your Lauderdale Adventures easy, fun, and affordable. Give us a call when you are ready to have a great day on the water.

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