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Giving back to the Bahamas, because they've given us so much

Yes, we love boating and fishing, and we’re lucky enough to work in the boating industry. We also love the Bahamas. We go there often to enjoy their fertile fishing grounds. Over the years we have developed great friendships and love with the people that call it home. So when we had an opportunity to give back to the people of the Bahamas that were affected by Hurricane Dorian, we dove in headfirst.

On Monday, 9/9, with the help of friends, boating professionals, and owners, we decided to take action with our own relief efforts. We loaded up our boat with as many supplies as we could carry. The supplies were purchased by gracious, and anonymous donors. These supplies included medical supplies, tents, tarps, building supplies, baby supplies and more.

Once we loaded up, we headed straight for the Bahamas. Since Abaco and Grand Bahama islands were so devastated, we went to Chub Cay Marina in the Berry Islands. The marina was able to get our supplies to the affected areas quickly.

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said Wednesday night that "much" of the island of Abaco, where Hurricane Dorian hit on September 1, "is decimated and no longer exists." "There are many deaths, and many still missing," Minnis said.

The official death toll still stands at 50, with 42 of those deaths on Abaco and eight on Grand Bahama, but the number of deaths is expected to "significantly increase."

The Bahamas' government said Wednesday that there are an estimated 2,500 names on a list of the missing, although names had not yet been checked against rosters of people evacuated or staying at shelters.

Minnis said Dorian impacted the northwest Bahamas' islands for approximately 60 hours, with "the southern eyewall planted over Grand Bahama for about 30 hours."

"Floodwaters in the streets made them appear like the ocean," Minnis said. "Concrete structures were turned to dust, as if a massive bomb had exploded with atomic force."

If you would like to make a financial donation to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian, here is a GoFundMe account that goes directly to where it’s needed most. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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