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Is your boat charter fully customizable?

Everyone is different. One size fits all rarely works well. So, when it’s time for you boat charter, you want an adventure that you can customize to fit your interests, schedule and budget. At Lauderdale Adventure Boat Rentals, we designed out boat charters with this in mind.

First, let’s talk interests. Some want to be in the center of the party scene… great. The Fort Lauderdale Sandbar is the perfect spot and we will put you in the center of the action. Maybe you on vaca and want to see as much of Fort Lauderdale’s waterways and yacht scene. Perhaps a little cruising/beach combo is your thing. No problem. We can also do it all. We call that the “all you can eat” adventure.

When it comes to your schedule, there is plenty of flexibility there also. If you an early bird type of adventurer, we can get you out on the water as early as 9:00am. Fort Lauderdale sunsets are gorgeous, maybe you would prefer that with a little bit of full-moon action throne in. Again, it is your boat charter, so you decide. It is your call.

Now let’s talk budget, our four-hour boat rental is $550 with Captain, $475 without. Then there is a six-hour trip, $775 with Captain, $700 without. Our eight-hour adventure is $950 with Captain, $850 without. When it comes to our pontoon boat rental trips, safety comes first. To operate our boat without Captain must be 25 or older and pass basic safety/piloting test.

What is the takeaway here? Total customization of your boat charter. We are not the biggest, or oldest boat charter company, but we are always trying to be the best. Give us a call today and let’s get out on the water and have a great day.

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