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Looking for unique bachelorette party ideas?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

A wedding is always a special event. For the bride, everything needs to be above and beyond special. For most guys it's also special, but the specifics really do not matter as much. When I say above and beyond, that also applies to the bachelorette party. Planning this event many times falls on the maid of honor. Well, to all the maids of honor out there, have we got a unique bachelorette part idea for you.

Boat Bachelorette Part Fort Lauderdale is here specifically to help you celebrate your friends/family members wedding. We have bachelorette boat charter trips to fit your schedule, taste and budget. Our plush pontoon boat will hold up to 10 ladies comfortably. There are multiple sitting areas for you to enjoy. There’s a large canopy if you want to take a break from the Fort Lauderdale sun. We have built in steps to make it easy getting in and out of the water.

There are lots of extras included in every boat tour. Our exclusive floating part pad is our coolest extra. It’s perfect for sunbathing, parting with your friends, or just chilling with some bubbly. For those ladies who prefer not to get in the water but want to be in the middle of the fun. This is your spot. We also include paddle boards (that also double as floating bars), cooler, ice and water.

Our bachelorette boat tours are completely customizable. We can put you in the center of the party (Fort Lauderdale Sand Bar) or take you to Whiskey Creek if you want a little privacy. Or perhaps a little of both. It is all about your special bachelorette party! Here is another important point. You can get as wild as you want. What happens on the boat stays on the boat.

Our prices are cheaper than the industry standards, with a 4-hour boat tour starting at $475.

Take a minute and check out our website. We hope to hear from you soon. 850-960-1234

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