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Summer Fun in Fort Lauderdale

summer fun in fort lauderdale

Many years ago, Fort Lauderdale had two distinct seasons—tourist and off-season. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Of course, more people flock to South Florida during the winter months to escape the harsh weather in more northern climes.


But over the years, more and more travelers have realized the advantages of visiting Fort Lauderdale in the summer months. One notable advantage is that it’s quieter! And that has enormous benefits in itself. Booking a guided boat charter is much easier. Restaurants can usually find you a table straight away, the beach and waterways are not as crowded, you won’t have to queue in long lines to visit the many attractions… And there’s more – visiting the area during the summer months is often much cheaper. Knowing that it’s quieter in terms of travelers, many businesses offer deals and discounts for their summer guests. We offer a $75 OFF summer discount on any boat rental, use code 75off at checkout.



But isn’t summer the rainy season? Isn’t it hot? True, in the past, the summer has been typical of the subtropical rainy season. But as we all know, global warming is turning everything upside down in this regard. Yes, there is more rain in the summer months, but that shouldn’t deter you.


Usually, this means an hour or so of rain followed by the South Florida weather getting back to normal again! Plan for rainy spells—they are a great time to read your favorite books, visit a museum or cinema, be pampered in a spa, or simply take a nap.


As for the heat, it’s usually only a few degrees hotter in the summer months than it is in the winter. Again, plan carefully. Don’t go to the beach in the middle of the day. (Think Mediterranean and have a siesta during the warmest hours). Take a leisurely lunch in an air-conditioned restaurant. Or chill out on our water toys at the Fort Lauderdale Sandbar.


Fort Lauderdale Summer Tips

  • Make sure that your accommodation has good, cool central air-conditioning to keep you comfortable

  • Connect indoors during the warmer hours. When was the last time you played cards? Or Scrabble? We’re so busy looking at screens nowadays that we forget how much fun these can be! Try them when it’s warm outside

At Lauderdale Adventures Boat Rentals we're all about summer fun in Fort Lauderdale. We provide guided day and night boat tours. Our spacious pontoon boats hold up to 12 people and includes your choice of Captain and lots of premium extras.

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