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When the virus clears, it’s charter boat time!

Well, COVID-19 is wrecking the health of thousands world-wide. There personal health, there business health, even there social health. I think when this is all said and done, we’re all gonna have cabin fever. What’s the best thing for cabin fever in Fort Lauderdale… that’s right, it's charter boat time! When that time comes, we hope that you choose the experts at Lauderdale Adventures Boat Rentals. We make chartering a boat easy, fun and affordable.

When it’s charter boat time, you want a trip that’s fully customizable. Our charter boat trips are exactly that. Combine some party time at the sandbar with an isolated picnic on the beach. It’s your day, make the most of it. Our plush pontoon boat comfortable holds 11, with multiple sitting areas to enjoy. Our floating party dock is another extra that really sets out charter boat trips apart. As of this post, we are the only boat rental company in Fort Lauderdale that has one. The party dock is perfect for sunbathing, picnics or just having a cold on with family and friends. We also include paddle boards, coolers, water and ice. Our prices are below industry standards, starting at $475 for a half day. We have licensed Captains available if you’re not comfortable driving.

During these uncertain times, let’s be safe and stay close to home. Hopefully this virus will be gone sooner than later. When the smoke clears and it is safe to resume our lives, remember, it’s charter boat time, and Lauderdale Adventures Boat Rentals will be here and ready. Take a minute to browse our website, see if we’re a good fit. If so, give us a call.

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